Harnessing the Creativity that resides within to heal, grow, and move forward.

Starting now, you can begin a brand new journey toward a more positive path for yourself – one that’s filled with growth, well being, acceptance, and empowerment.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker / Registered Art Therapist / Educator / Artist

•PhD, Marital and Family Therapy, California Graduate Institute
•MSW, Social Work,University of Southern California Dworak-Peck School of Social Work
•MA, Art Therapy, California State University, Los Angeles

•Licensed Clinical Social Worker
•Registered Art Therapist
•Structural Analysis Family
Evaluation (SAFE) Certification
•Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
•Trauma, Grief and Loss training
•Adjunct lecturer, USC Dworak-
Peck School of Social Work
•Clinical Supervisor for MSW staff
•Art illustrator, “A Bad Thing
Happened at My School” (author,
Beatriz Garcia, LCSW,
Empowerment Life

•23 years serving in public
education as Psychiatric Social
Worker and school mental health
clinic administrator. Clinical
services to children, teens,
presenting with
depression, anxiety, low self
esteem, grief and loss, trauma
special needs, and
crisis situations.
•Additional experience: Department of Children and
Family Services, Reunification
Unit, group home for gang
affiliated youth, outpatient
mental health services to adults and
residential treatment agency

Welcome to Art for the Heart Counseling.

Our mission is to provide a safe place where children and adults can harness the creativity that resides within, to work through and heal from difficult emotions and situations.

On our pathway in life, we are fortunate to experience stretches of smooth sailing. But now and then obstacles will appear along the road-to everyone. Most of the time we manage these situations well ourselves. However, having additional support and guidance when needed can be greatly beneficial for the continuation of our journey.

Nonetheless, seeking help can be daunting. Where to begin and what to expect?

A good place to start is asking whether your specific difficulty or concern can be met by the therapist based upon experience and training. Also, having a sense of ease with the therapist is important due to the significance and nature of the therapeutic alliance, i.e., working together to effect change.

As a therapist, my approach is first to listen with a caring heart and without judgment. My manner is affirming and gentle, yet direct when need be. I draw from various theoretical orientations to guide the work, but my perspective is largely strength based which means everyone possesses capability, talents, and inner resources, even in the face of adversity. Although circumstances may be difficult, the “problem is the problem.”

While there is no quick-fix solution when it comes to addressing difficult situations and events, we will work together to help you gain more understanding, and explore behaviors and/or thoughts that might be holding you back. Through creative art self-expression and talk therapy, there can be a deeper comprehension of the self, reduction in stress, an enhancement of well-being, and a pathway to move forward.

No drawing experience is required.

I invite you to take the first step toward change.

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